May 29, 2011

Cinnamon & Apples. My "Masters Pie" :)

I made that pie, because I finally finished my masters* (yupii =) )
I need do something sweet with a lots of cinnamon and apples. 
Simple and easy.

For dough:
250g flour
200g butter, melted
250g cottage cheese (the same for cheesecake)

Quickly knead dough, formed a ball. It will be sticky. 

Peel apples, cut into small pieces, mixed with lots of cinnamon.
Roll the dough about 1/2 cm
Add the baking tin, place the cinnamon apples

(Remember - baking tin must be thin)

Oven 200 C
bake 20-25 min (or until golden brown)

Pie is the best after baking.

I hope you like it :) and you love cinammon as I :-))
Sunny Sunday!

* I finished Philosophy (University of Warsaw), the Department of Aesthetics. 

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  1. This looks wonderful!!! I'm definitely going to try making this apple pie sometime this week!


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