December 18, 2011

Yummy Christmas recipies :)

Special projects for Wacom, Bamboo - some delicious inspiration for Holidays.

You can also find it on They Draw and Cook site.

December 10, 2011

Absolutely incredible Choco Cake with Pears

It's a flouress cake. Tastes better than brownie! Should try:)

Pears & chocolate - perfect combination!

Flourless cake

November 26, 2011

Carrot cake

Delicious CARROT CAKE from my 1st issue Crumble Magazine


vegan version

2 cups of wholeweat flour
1 cup of flaked almonds
1/2 cup of brown sugar
2 1/2 tbs cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp soda
Mix ingredients. 

In another bowl:
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
2 cups of grated carrots
2 tbs agava syroup (or honey if you eat)
0,5 cup of soya milk
Mix and combine togeher with flour mixture
(dough must be quick enough - if not add more flour or soya milk)

oven 180C
about 35-40 min (try - stick must be dry)

November 10, 2011

Wooooohoooooo!! Crumble Magazine 1st issue and Plum Tart!

The 1st Issue is finally done! Check it out HERE

Also here is very simple and so tasty recipe - PLUM TART. 


Puff pastry ready to use
Plums (very sweet type)

Form dough into equal rectangles.
Cut plums in halfs and remove seeds.
Place plums on preparate dough.

oven 190C

bake 15-20min untl golden brown 

November 3, 2011

CRUMBLE Magazine cover giveaway!

Cover for my first issue Crumble Magazine!
As you like it? :)

out soon!

October 20, 2011

Very big update: big apologies for silence: Sandwiches with fresh fig and announcement of a Special Project!

When I was silent I was here all the time. I worked hard on a special project - my online magazine :-)
I will present it soon! It will be full of delicious food, great photography, places, design... Hope you'll like it very much!
Meanwhile, for apology, invite you to a tasty sandwiches with fresh figs. Enjoy :-)

Good bread, butter, cheese (camembert, mozzarella or goat's), fresh figs and a little bit of an orange confiture. Really tasty!
Recipe and more photos also you can find in my magazine - stay tuned!

August 31, 2011

Plum crumble!

Thanks to my friend Mary! This is her work! Very sweet and very plummy crumble - yummy :)

August 23, 2011

Velvet cold cheesecake with peaches

This is very similar cheesecake to that. If you like cold cheesecakes (no baking), you'll be delighted.
There is nothing much to say - just must try!

August 21, 2011

Every-Day-parts #1

Early Morning



Express healthy oat bran pancakes
raspberry smothie


Soba noodle with shrimps


snack: raspberries

Afternoon & Night

Trip to heritage park in Nowogród
drink curdled milk

August 20, 2011

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

With honey and cinnamon - like gingerbread. Like it very much - it's so delicate and fluffy.
Even if you're not a vegan - must try! Taste delicious! 

August 13, 2011

Apricot jam with vanilla

I thought that I don't like apricots. They don't taste very sweet, actually they don't have very distinctive taste.
Until when I made jam. Warmed apricots have a deep flavour. Fantastic! Must try :) and from that moment you'll love apricots :-)


August 7, 2011

Emotion's links #1

So... in the last days I love:

Flea markets in NY - can't wait go there when I'm in NY
This print - from my favourite vintage shop
This House - simplicity, minimalism, white, pure... Perfect! I'm in love ;-)
coffee with vanila ice cream - really yummmy!
drinking fresh mint leaves flooded boiling water - whats a fantastic smell and taste - wow! (like in my photo)
Bright Bazaar and Sweet Paul blogs - amazing place with full of inspirations. Thank you Guys :)

August 6, 2011

Smoked Mackerel. Paste. Saturday breakfast.

Do you like pastes for bread?
Pesto, hummus, tapenade... I love all of them.
Anyone who likes smoked mackerel, will be satistied. Perfect for lazy breakfast in weekend.
All you must to do is combine all igredients.
Best served with crusty fresh bread and green tea :-)

Simplicity and minimalism - as I like.

July 18, 2011

Shrimps, shrimps, shrimps and... shrimps! :-)

God, I'm totaly crazy about shrimps - I could eat them everyday ;-)
Yesterday I made simple and so good supper - shrimps, chilli and garlic. Perfect!

Serve with fresh parsley.


July 17, 2011

Pancakes - wraps. Sunday breakfast :)

It's very easy and healthy - just make a few pankaces (with wholemela flour), add favourites ingredients and roll wraps :-) 
For me it's perfect with lettuce, feta, tomatoes and smoked salmon.
And it's really very good variant for pankaces!

Like it? How was your sunday breakfast? :-)

July 10, 2011

Express Fritters. Sunday breakfast.

I was on vacation. I was in Bieszczady - polish mountains. It's really end of the world, and I need it - resting, resting, resting, walking, walking... Raining or sunny - it doesn't matter. Just walking, walking... and resting :-)
I'm back and this is my perfect comford food which I missed - fritters with fruits (fresh or jam) - delicious!