April 20, 2011


Easter´s here... so is the happy springtime! Celebrate this beautiful season with your family and friends. 
I just wanted to wish you a very pleasurable, bright and cheery, plentiful, entertaining, and peaceful Easter holiday! I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

Very simple breakfast - soft-boiled egg.

1. Bring the water to a rapid boil.
2. Immerse carefuly egg in boiling water, with tablespoon
3. Boil for exactly 3 minutes
4. Dash in cold water, crack & enjoy

Served with fresh bread and butter.


  1. Tak naprawdę to tylko jajeczko na miękko do szczęścia potrzebne...:)

  2. Love your photos and that egg cup is so pretty!!

  3. Radości, szczęścia, rodzinnej atmosfery i samych dobrych chwil w te świąteczne dni dla Ciebie i najbliżsżych.


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